If you have a grievanceyou’d like to bring up with Burton Demolition concerning an incident, injury,near miss or any other type of accident, there is now a hassle free way to dothis.

We have a dedicated page set up on our website for hassle-free incidentreporting, with an easy to use interface. 

Theonly think you’ll need to do is click trough to our Incidents Report form online, enter your name, incident type, any other relevant informationregarding the event, and if applicable, an image to illustrate the situation. 

Onceyou’ve done this, make sure you also describe the location of the incident,enter the name of any potentially harmed or aggrieved parties,  time of the event, and status of thecomplaint.

Once done with this simple form, simply click submit and we willrespond to you at our earliest ability. Withthe help of this form you can easily raise an incident with us.

We do our bestto make this experience as seamless and easy as possible for you. Burton Demolition will make sure to speed up the procedure and take the greatest carewhen handling your incident.