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Burton, South Australia
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What we are looking for

Burton Demolition in partnership with Speedy Demolition and Asbestos Removal is a leading demolition business based in Burton SA. We take pride in providing a high level of customer service and ensuring the client's expectations are exceeded and our projects are completed to the highest of standards.

With a high-volume of work, we are now looking to bring an asbestos removal supervisor who can perform asbestos removal, direct others, ensure safe practices are adhered to on-site and complete paperwork to the highest standard.

Roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborate with labourers, operators and clients/builders to determine the specifications of the project
  • Negotiate contracts with external vendors to reach profitable agreements
  • Provide accurate quotations and estimates on projects that positions Burton Demolition to secure the
    business while maintaining health profit margins
  • Ensure necessary permits and licenses from appropriate authorities are granted for each project
  • Determine required resources (labour, equipment and materials) from start to finish with attention to
    budgetary limitations
  • Plan all demolition operations and schedule intermediate phases to ensure deadlines are met
  • Acquire equipment and material and monitor stocks to timely handle inadequacies
  • Hire contractors and other staff and allocate responsibilities
  • Supervise the work of laborers, operators etc. and provide training and support when needed
  • Evaluate progress and prepare detailed reports as required
  • Ensure adherence to all health and safety standards and report issues to the office
  • Ensure adherence to all SAFEWORK SA practices at all times
  • Ensure completion of the project to Burton Demolition standards and create end of job reports
  • Work with the administration team to ensure SWMS are completed for every project
  • Ensure staff are trained and toolbox meetings are completed
  • Complete site inductions with each employee by completing a mandatory site walkthrough on
    commencement of each project, to ensure staff are aware of surrounding and temporary structures
  • Adhere to strict EPA Guidelines to ensure dust control and minimise environmental risks
  • Meet targeted expercations of 350 completed projects in FY20-21

You will be provided with all the tools required to complete your role, in addition to a great salary, Burton Demolition also a great team to assist and support you.

Burton Demolition believes that hiring qualified individuals to fill positions contributes to the overall success of the company. Each employee is hired to make significant contributions to Burton Demolition.

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