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Burton Demolition offers a comprehensive suite of demolition services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients in Adelaide. From initial consultation to the final clearing, our team ensures each project is completed with the utmost precision and professionalism.

Recycled bricks

Recycled bricks from Burton Demolition offer a sustainable choice for construction and landscaping projects, combining aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility. Our recycled red bricks are perfect for adding character and durability to any project. For further details on our recycled bricks, click here.

Second hand building materials

Our service offering includes the sourcing and provision of high-quality second-hand building materials, promoting sustainability and cost savings. From recycled bricks to salvaged fixtures, we provide materials that contribute to eco-friendly construction practices. Explore our selection of second-hand building materials by visiting our page.

Office stripout

Our office stripout services are customised to each project, ensuring that your space is expertly cleared and prepared for its next phase. We focus on minimising disruption and maximising recycling opportunities, offering a seamless transition for businesses. Learn more about our office stripout services here.

Tree clearing

Our tree clearing services are designed to efficiently manage vegetation removal while adhering to environmental conservation practices. Whether for land development or safety reasons, our approach balances operational efficiency with a commitment to preserving the natural landscape. Discover the full scope of our tree clearing services by clicking here.

Asbestos removal

Our asbestos removal service prioritises safety and compliance, employing meticulous procedures to ensure the safe disposal of hazardous materials. Recognising the importance of this service for both residential and commercial properties, we adhere to strict regulations to protect all stakeholders. For a detailed exploration of our asbestos removal capabilities, visit our dedicated page.

Earth moving

We offer expert earthmoving solutions, leveraging advanced technology and machinery to prepare sites for construction with unmatched precision and efficiency. Our team is skilled in managing projects of all sizes, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Learn more about our earth moving services here.

Swimming pool removal

We specialise in swimming pool removal, providing a detailed process that respects your property and the environment. From draining to backfilling, our team handles every aspect with care, ensuring a smooth transition for your outdoor space. Detailed information on our swimming pool removal services can be found here.

Rubbish removal

Burton Demolition provides efficient rubbish removal services, handling construction debris, commercial waste, and more, with a strong focus on recycling and sustainability. We offer comprehensive solutions to manage waste effectively, supporting cleaner and greener project sites. For more information on rubbish removal, follow this link.

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