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Why do I need skip bin hire Adelaide?

Skip bin hire Adelaide is something which every householder or business owner will need to do eventually. Whether you’re moving house or undergoing renovations, a skip bin is vital in order to manage things effectively.

Clear-up jobs and landscaping will also necessitate a skip bin because when it comes to ditching your refuse, sometimes a dump-run just won’t cut it! Dump runs are notoriously irritating aren’t they? Not only do you have to load and re-load multiple trailers, you also have to pay for the privilege of getting rid of your rubbish.

When you utilise skip bin hire Adelaide, you cut out most of the work and save yourself hours of valuable time.

Process of Skip Bin Hire

Skip bin hire Adelaide – how does it work? Skip bins Adelaide are simple to manage; ordering from Burton Demolition makes it even easier. We work with you during the ordering process to ensure you order the right size and type of skip bin for the rubbish you need to ditch.

All you need to do is enter your postcode into the handy online ordering form and you will be taken through a series of basic questions. These questions are designed to ensure you order the skip bin best suited to your needs.

Some of our skip bins Adelaide are suited for general waste, whilst others for green waste. It’s important not to mix types of waste or we’ll have issues at the depot when we dispose of and sort your waste.

If you have any questions regarding the types of waste you need to dispose of, get in touch with us at our Adelaide office and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Choosing the Right Size

What size skip bin should I order? Here’s a handy infograph to help you to work this out. Again, any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Skips Adelaide 1

Placement and Safety

Where will my skip bin be placed? Skip bin hire Adelaide is very simple to organise and the placement of the skip bin is up to you. If you want to place the skip close to your home or business address, this is fine. You will need to consider whether the land you’re placing the skip bin on is your own or public.

If you think the land is public land then you will need to apply for a skip bin permit from your local council. These are not costly and once you have your permit, you’re good to go!

Are skip bins safe? Yes! Very safe. If you order a large skip bin, we even provide a ramp to ensure that loading it up is simple. The ramp enables you to push a wheelbarrow up to the lip of the skip bin and safely dispose of heavy waste.

Do not pile refuse up and over the allowable amount as this can cause a hazard to passers-by. When filling up your skip bin, try to have someone on hand to assist you.

Check out this useful guide from Safe Work Australia. It offers advice on safe lifting, pushing and pulling.


Remember, skip bin hire Adelaide will simplify whatever task you’re already undertaking. Whether it’s moving house, renovations or general waste removal. Get in touch with the team at Burton Demolition today for more information.

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