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As part of the 2019-2020 Budget, the State Government has caused shock all-round with a dramatic increase on the Solid Waste Levy. The price per tonne of disposing of waste to landfill has been raised by 40%.

Impact on Businesses and Residents:

Direct Effect:

This is an enormous price hike and it will have a direct effect on S.A. businesses and residents alike. The costs for councils to dispose of household and commercial waste into landfill will also increase.


Many councils around S.A. are concerned about these changes, worrying that the cost will have a knock-on effect. This means that homeowners will end up footing the bill.

Magnitude of the Increase:

Considering that the cost for disposing of a tonne of waste in 2004 was just $5.00 and that this will cost $140 per tonne in January 2020, this equates to an increase of 2,700%. Imagine a bus fare which used to cost $5 suddenly costing $140…it’s comparable!

Calls for Action:

Waste management companies want action:

Numerous industry leaders in S.A are pushing for change. Contacting counsellors and decision-makers as well as the media are helpful and the more voices that are heard, the more chance of change. The cost is almost prohibitive and many householders will struggle to pay the extra costs as they drip down through rates and other costs.

What you can do:

Householders need to make a strong effort to lower the amount of waste being sent to landfill. This will reduce the risk of prohibitive yearly rates increases. It’s important to remember that we can all play a part in this by making some changes to how we manage our own waste.

Use your red bin for your general, non-recyclable rubbish…this will all go to landfill. Remember, the more you keep that bin empty, the better! Think about what goes into your red bin currently and work out if there is any way you can change this.

Unfortunately, many householders throw recyclables into their red bins. Things like plastic bags or cartons can be recycled. Keep a separate container in or near your kitchen. Place recyclables into the container before you put them into the big yellow bin. Don’t throw them in with your main rubbish.

Avoid buying food which is over-packaged. Try to use your own bags at the supermarket and that includes for your fruit and vegetables. Recycle old clothing or donate it to charity. Animal trusts are always pleased to receive old duvets and blankets for their animal bedding supplies.

Remember to recycle crockery, old toys and electronics. Don’t throw these into your red bin! If you need advice on disposing of larger amounts of waste, contact us at Burton Demolition. We offer a wide selection of skip bins and mini skip bins.

If we all pull together then we can take more control of our own waste and every little makes a big difference in the end.

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